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squeak squeak!
The weird thing about being me is, there is a lot of "me"s.

There shouldn't.
Today i decided i would do something different, something i seldom do, actually use my journal as intended.

So i am going to tell you about "the land of fright and nightmare", aka the somewhat ironic nick name i have for my dreams.

If anybody is even there paying attention to what i do (which i don't blame anybody for not doing so), they would know i've mentioned a couple of times that things on my stories are often adapted from dreams i had, which i am aware of the crazy implications, but im not going to talk about how damaged my sanity is, the point is my dreams are filled with weirdness.

So you might be thinking "big deal, we're all weird here", and you would be right, no, i am not here to brag about how much bizarre my dreams are than anybody's, it's not a race and if it was i already lost, no, this is quite the contrary, because of all the things i see in my dreams, the one that puzzles me the more is not very high the scale of weirdness.

I have many recurring themes in my dreams, the most prominent being losing my teeth, being in school, witches, and beautiful visions of serene ladies, i like to think i know to a degree where do these come from (spoiler alert: my fear of growing old), but one reoccurring theme that puzzles me is something i will refer to as the "mentor figure".

The mentor figure is kind of self explanatory, she is a woman that appears in my dreams and is supposed to be my mentor, for what? it varies from dream to dream, more often than not she is also a witch and i am her apprentice, she might look different every time, i would say i cant even give a general description of her, but my dreams inform me that she is the same person every time. Sometimes my dreams revolve around looking for her, sometimes she is just....well, mentoring me. all in all it doesnt sound very strange, but here is the part that puzzles me: the mentor is supposed to be someone from here, DA.

In all my years here (plenty talking from my main gallery at glu-glu) i have met many people, i have "befriended" some, i have become REALLY close friends to some, while others we just have a casual social site relation ship, others are just people i respect or look up to and some are just people i have "heard of". The mentor figure (whose identity i will obviously not reveal) is someone i would not call my close friend, or even an internet friend, she falls on the "casual social site" level, which means i know her by her user name and some of her work, we have traded comments, but i absolutely don't know anything about this person, nor am i actively trying to.

So having reoccurring dreams about her comes as really bizarre to me, what do these dreams mean? why her? it's quite fascinating, i don't believe in prophetic dreams or dreams trying to point me to a direction i should follow, but musing about trying to get this person to be my mentor for...something amuses me greatly. Granted, the trickiest part is, how would that even work? i laugh at the idea of approaching this person and going "hi, i barely know you, you prolly arent aware of me, but i keep seeing you in my dreams", who the hell do you think i am? scott pilgrim? no sir, that would not accomplish absolutely nothing.

Yet, it's always fun to muse about it. And to vent.


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